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local rules
  1. “Out of bounds” is marked with white posts. Along holes 6/15, 7/16 and 8/17, “out of bounds” is marked by the fence. All closed gates attached to this fence are part of the out of bounds marking. Relief from such gate under rule 15.2 or 16.1 is NOT allowed. But an open gate is not treated as part of the out of bounds marking and may be closed or moved to another position.”
  2. “Provisional Ball for Ball in Penalty area” If a player near the teeing hole of Hole 4/13 is unsure if his ball is in the red penalty area, the player may play a provisional ball under R-18.3.
  3. “Ground Under Repair” defined by any area surrounded by blue green-headed posts or white lines and a green-headed post is a no play zone. Interference by this no play zone the player must take free relief under Rule 16-1f.”
  4. “Status of artificially placed objects in bunkers ”The artificially reinforced edges of the bunkers are integral parts of the course. The steps the bunker on hole 8/17 is a fixed obstruction and may be evaded under R-16.1.

Penalty for breach of a local rule: General penalty

The fence along the holes 6/15, 7/16 and 8/17 that defines ‘out of bounds’ must never be crossed.


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code of conduct
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Free lockers are available in the locker rooms for use during a round 
  • Only members may step behind the bar. Please pay with debit card (PIN) before leaving the club
  • Do not park golf bags or trolleys on the terrace or on  the paths.
  • No hats in the clubroom
  • Don’t use your phone if it can bother others

Practicing is allowed in the area next to hole 9. There is no driving range, but you can use the driving cages. Balls may also be played in the direction of the helicopter hill (between hole 8 and 9). Please use your own balls and retrieve them. There is also a putting green, a chipping green and a practice bunker.

Your clothes must be clean and well tended.

  • A shirt must have a collar, for gents also sleeves, without large pictures
  • Shoes must never damage the course
  • Shorts must reach to at least 15 centimeters above the knees

The entire course is maintained by volunteers, members of the club. That makes care for the course a matter for all, every player  must contribute.

We ask you to pay attention to the following matters in particular:

  • replace divots – put the grass back and apply really good pressure
  • rake the bunkers – not just your own footprints but also other irregularities
  • repair pitchmarks on the greens – if you repair one of your own and one other you will leave the green in a better condition
  • don’t walk with your trolley  between a green side bunker and the green and avoid the approach and the fringe

We also ask you to watch out for our greenkeepers during your round.

  • Greenkeeper working on the course always go first
  • Please refrain from playing if a greenkeeper is in your range, until you get a sign to proceed
  • Greenkeepers will also watch out for you to enable play and work to go together as good as possible. Mowing will be done against your route, so it will start at hole 9, then 8 etc.
  • Once the mowing of a green is started it cannot be stopped until finished. The flag wil be removed from the hole. Please refrain from playing until the flag is returned and the greenkeeper at a safe distance.
The fence along holes 6/15, 7/16 and 8/17 that marks "out of bounds" and that NEVER may be crossed